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The Tragedy of the Church

I heard a heart-breaking story on Sunday of a man who did not know Christ.  A pastor (from Texas, I think) was recently leaving a conference in Chicago and hailed a cab.  The cab driver wanted to know what the conference was about.  The pastor explained, and this led to the man telling the pastor (in a thick accent) that he practiced voodoo, and that he worshiped and feared the devil.  Given such a marvelous opportunity to share Christ, the pastor did.  The response from the cab driver was astounding: he said he had never heard of this Christ, and where could he learn more?  He had never heard of Christ!    Of course, the pastor knew of several good churches in Chicago, and encouraged him to attend.  However, the cab driver said that he was afraid to go to a church, because he didn't have a lot of money, no nice clothes, and was afraid that he would be rejected by the church-goers.  The pastor still encouraged him to go, said that it didn't matter what he wore, and that he wou…