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Paul: the Man Behind the Message (Rom. 1:1)

4th Century Image of the Apostle Paul I intend, beginning today and in the coming weeks, to expound Paul’s epistle to the Romans.  As I have indicated before, I think this is one of the most important books in the Bible because it is one of the only books in the Bible where you have a systematic exposition of doctrine.  In Romans, you have a systematic development of the gospel, and for that reason it is worthy of all our consideration.   The way I plan on doing this is by taking this epistle and going through it at a slower pace than I did with Hebrews and Revelation.  One reason for this is that I think it is worth-while to preach not only with the aim of making clear Paul’s reason and logic in the text, but also to exhibit the doctrines of Romans and to take them out and give them careful consideration.  I think Lloyd-Jones was right when he argued that this letter really gives us the main points of Paul’s presentation.  We can see this in that when he went to Ephesus, for example,

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