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Loved by God, Called to Christ (Rom. 1:6-7)

  We are continuing to look at Paul’s epistle to the Romans together; we are still in the introduction.  Here, we come to the identification of the ones to whom he is writing and the blessing that he gives them in verses 6-7.  Verse 7 won’t end the introduction, however, which will go on to verse 15, at which point the apostle will state the theme of this letter (which is the gospel in terms of the righteousness of God by faith) in verses 16-17, which he then goes on to expound to the end of chapter 4.  This is followed by the apostle’s development of the gospel in terms of its implications in chapters 5-11, followed by application in chapters 12-16. It is easy to just skip over introductions, and we have to be careful that we don’t do that here.  I think it’s important to hear what the apostle is doing here.  One reason why we shouldn’t is because he is describing real Christians in the middle of the first century.  These are not storybook people.  These are not imaginary Christians.

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