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What Marriage Says About the Gospel (Eph. 5:22-24)

  When I began to preach almost 30 years ago, I was still a teenager and single. I remember being afraid to touch texts like Ephesians 5:22-33 for the simple reason that I had no experience with marriage, except as an observer. I am grateful to have two parents who I believe have modeled this passage better than most, and yet I knew it would be hard for me to preach on the subject with any authority unless I came at it from a position within, as someone who had personal experience as a married man. And yet, even now I find myself apprehensive when it comes to teaching on the Biblical portrait of marriage. Probably more than ever before the Biblical view of marriage and the relationship that exists between husband and wife are under attack. However, not only is it under attack from without, it is also under attack from within. That is, we not only have to worry about the pressures from society against the Biblical witness to marriage but also the pressures that are essentially arguing a

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