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A Thankful Heart (Ephesians 1-3)

We sometimes don’t really appreciate our blessings until they are taken from us, if even for a moment.It takes bad health to make us appreciate good health.You get the air knocked out of you and you suddenly realize how precious oxygen is.You might complain about your job until you lose it.
It works the other way as well.When our curses are removed, we sometimes fail to remember just how bad they were when they plagued us, and therefore forget how great the blessing our deliverance is.The Israelites were not long in their exodus from Egypt when they began to pine for their slavery again.They remembered the leaks and the cucumbers but forgot the humiliation, the servitude, the pain, and the disgrace.They were not thankful for the blessing because they forgot the curse.
We all suffer from the same malady.Because of this, we are constantly in danger of failing to recognize the incredible blessings we enjoy from our salvation in Christ.The best thing about our salvation is the very thing th…

Perfect Freedom – Ephesians 3:9-13

What is your view of history?Do you see it as merely a jumble of names, dates, and events?Is history for you a boring tale of irrelevant people and places?To quote Henry Ford, is history “bunk”?Well, for me history is anything but boring.I was a history major before I was a math major.To this day, I still love history.In fact, history well-written is far more interesting than any novel, in my opinion.
And I am absolutely certain that a knowledge of history is very important for any educated person.In fact, one of the things that really worries me about our current society here in America is the reality that so many people have almost no knowledge of history.As is often quoted, “Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.”Unfortunately, we forget history over and over again.And when we do, there are always dire consequences.Think of that fateful verse at the beginning of the book of Exodus: “Now there arose up a new king over Egypt, which knew not Joseph” (Exod. 1:8).The result wa…

The Grace of God for Ministry – Ephesians 3:7-8

It is strange but a fact that often people become bitter at God, not through the sufferings that they are going through, but because of the sufferings they see others going through.The irony is that those who are undergoing the actual suffering many times come through it resilient when it comes to their faith and hope in God.I have found this true in my own life.As I watch others endure tragedy and trials, sometimes it makes me complain to God and doubt his goodness.And yet those who are enduing the tragedy and trials are being drawn nearer to Christ through it all.This is not universally true, of course.There are those who lose their faith in a loving and good God because of the suffering they undergo.And yet I also know that there are people who have endured much more and yet come through it stronger in the faith.I think of Corrie Ten Boom who watched her sister die in a Nazi concentration camp, and who was herself brutally treated by the prison guards.And yet even though she did st…