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From Foreigners to Fellowcitizens – Ephesians 2:11-12

We are living in an increasingly fragmented society, a nation in which people of differing political views eye each other with growing suspicion and hostility.We don’t just argue with each other, we attack each other.We put up roadblocks instead of building bridges.The tragedy of Charlottesville and the alt-right and the thuggery of the alt-left and the so-called “Antifa” are just symptoms of a wider problem here in our country and the West in general.You see it in safe-spaces on the left and you see it in the retreat of conservatives and the religious into their own little enclaves.Many are no longer interested in understanding the other side, they just want their own views to receive validation and they are ready to attack anyone who questions them.We allow differences to become barriers.
I don’t know all the reasons for the growing alienation in our culture.Part of it is no doubt due to the fact that our society has become more diverse but there is no cultural glue to hold everyone …