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Faith at a Distance: Matthew 8:5-13

In these verses, Matthew continues to put on display for us the magnificent power of Jesus Christ.  We saw it last week in his healing of a leper – a disease which was then considered incurable and little short of a death sentence.  But the Evangelist is also doing other things.  He is also showing us the compassion and mercy of Jesus Christ, for he did not come to heal the rich and the famous – he came to heal those who were excluded from society.  Some, like the leper, were excluded because of their physical identity.  Others, like the Gentiles, were excluded because of their racial identity.  Our Lord healed them all.
In our text, our Lord heals the servant of a Gentile soldier.  This man was not a Jew, although he was probably a soldier in the army of Herod Antipas and therefore a recruit from one of the surrounding regions, probably from Lebanon or Syria.[1]  In our day, we would call this man an officer, because he commanded a number of men.  We don’t know how many, but the numbe…