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How to Pray – Matthew 6:5-8

I must confess with Lloyd-Jones, that “this portion of Scripture . . . is one of the most searching and humbling in the entire realm of Scripture.”[1]We not only sin when we are walking away from God, we also sin in our approaches to God.Sin is a virus that can endure the hostile environment of the prayer closet and turn us sick with pride and hypocrisy.It’s not only that we don’t pray or that we pray badly, it’s that when we do pray, we often pray sinfully. In these verses, our Lord warns us against two very common problems in prayer: ostentation (vs. 5-6) and vain repetition (vs. 7-8).But embedded in our Lord’s words are not just words of warning and condemnation; they are also full of hope and promise.The whole point of our Lord’s words is not merely to discourage wrong praying but also to encourage true prayer.He wants us to see false prayer for what it is and to love more deeply the God who hears prayer. And that’s what I want to do this morning.I want to encourage you to pray.And …