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Coming to the Lord's Table

How do you see the Lord's Supper?  For many years, it was for me a basically gloomy affair.  I do not blame this on anyone but myself, but there were certain tendencies in the churches in which I grew up that did nothing to expunge this idea firmly lodged in my mind.

For one thing, too much emphasis was placed upon the solemnity of the event that any joy to be had was thoroughly eclipsed by a mood fostered by pastors and laymen alike.  I'm not saying that solemnity is bad, but what was often lacking was holy reverence coupled with holy rejoicing.  (The importance of solemnity was also given as a reason not to have the Lord's Supper more than once or twice a year.) 

Also, a focus on one's own worthiness via self-examination was certainly more likely to bring a person into mourning than into joy.  The bright sunlit fields of the gospel became overcast by the dark clouds of my own sin.  This emphasis on self-examination, though right, is often wrongly put alongside the id…