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Stop Trying to Justify God

Our culture sees no need for the gospel - indeed, it seems more and more so-called evangelicals see no need for it, either - because we want the wrong person to be justified.  What I mean is this: we are so consumed with the "problem" of evil and suffering, and the injustice of it all, that we have missed the greatest problem of all, our own sin.  We spend our days either condemning or denying God on account of "injustices" that we no longer see our own condemnation and the infinitely heinous injustice we have perpetrated against God in our sin.  We think God needs to be justified.  We have forgotten that we are the ones who need to be justified.

Further, God does not need to justify his ways to us.  Why does he allow so much suffering?  Why did he allow sin to come into the world in the first place?  Of course, many will say that God must be either unloving or not sovereign.  God's own word tells a different story, of course, that leaves us with perplexing que…