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Finding Relevance in the Psalms in the Covenant of God

To the casual reader, it might seem like the experiences of King David as expressed in the Psalms are not relevant to us.  For in them, David prays for protection in the here-and-now from his enemies, and he obviously expects God to answer his prayer.  In the Psalms, God is a shield and refuge for his people, and he will protect them from all those opposed to them.  But when we look around and consider the state of the church today, it doesn't really seem like God is protecting his people.  They are being brutally persecuted in the Middle East, imprisoned and tortured in North Korea, suppressed in China, and marginalized and laughed at in the West.  And this, despite their praying to God.
And so there seems to be a disconnect between David's experience of God's deliverance and ours.  While the Christian hopes for deliverance in the future, David asked for and received it in the present.  For example, consider David's words in Psalm 5 (ESV): 1 Give ear to my words, O L…